Hair system

From hair system to scalp micropigmentation

The average hair system is a world away from what it once used to be. The bad hairpieces are long gone, assuming of course...

From hair loss concealers to scalp micropigmentation

A large number of scalp micropigmentation recipients have a long history of using temporary cover-up concealers to hide their hair loss, prior to their...
Scalp micropigmentation and pain

Scalp micropigmentation and the pain question

IMAGE CREDIT: SKALP CLINIC During discussions between clients, clinical staff, consultants and technicians, one of the most common questions is about how much pain to...
Pigment shedding

Shedding of pigments post-procedure

Scalp micropigmentation is at least a 2-3 session process, sometimes more. The 'panic phase' following the first session is extremely common and well documented....
Scalp micropigmentation gone wrong

Scalp micropigmentation gone wrong

If you're here to see what happens when scalp micropigmentation treatments go wrong, I guess you're considering a treatment for yourself and you're looking...
SMP looks better with shorter hair

What to expect from your first scalp micropigmentation session

So you've booked your scalp micropigmentation treatment, and want to know what's next? Of course you do. The chances are you're probably feeling nervous...
Gaps between sessions

How far apart should your scalp micropigmentation sessions be scheduled?

As you may already know, a scalp micropigmentation treatment is best delivered over a number of sessions. But how much time should you leave...
Close-up showing correct dot size

The importance of dot size in scalp micropigmentation

This is one of the most important questions in the world of scalp micropigmentation, and one that at least half of all prospective clients...

Fake scars within the scalp micropigmentation treatment

Having scars on your head is not something out of the ordinary and there are a lot of men out there who might have...


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