Introducing International Hairlines

International Hairlines was born in beautiful sunny South Florida, which, darkly enough, is also unfortunately a hub of bad SMP work.Due to the lack...
knightsbridge scalp micropigmentation clinic

New scalp micropigmentation clinic opens in Knightsbridge, Central London

Location is important when it comes to choosing a scalp micropigmentation provider. Locations don't get any more exclusive than a Knightsbridge address in the...
scalp micropigmentation price calculator

Scalp micropigmentation price calculator launched by Replique Clinic

Scalp Micropigmentation Calculator: Live and Real Time SMP Estimates from the Replique Clinic.Leading Australian Scalp Micropigmentation centre, the Replique Clinic, has developed a new...
Scalp micropigmentation clinics in Fort Lauderdale

Scalp micropigmentation options in Fort Lauderdale

The scalp micropigmentation industry in Florida is booming, and Fort Lauderdale is no exception. Nestled between West Palm Beach and Miami on Florida's eastern...
SMP By Jose review

SMP By Jose (Scalp Tattoo Artist Resource) posting bad reviews

It's never fun when someone writes a bad review about your business. It's worse though, when that review is completely unjustified. SMP By Jose,...

Eddie Lopez, from balding guy to world-renowned scalp micropigmentation technician

Eddie Lopez heads Scalp Artist International in Denver, Colorado. Much more than that, he has become an internationally recognized figure in the scalp micropigmentation...
Ollie Hughes

Introducing South London scalp micropigmentation expert Ollie Hughes

If you're based in London, are considering scalp micropigmentation and have done your research, the chances are you've come across Ollie Hughes' name already.Those...
cheap scalp micropigmentation

Cheap scalp micropigmentation deals and what you need to know

Like most people, I love a bargain, but there are certain things worth paying a premium for, and some that you absolutely mustn't skimp...

Belgium scalp micropigmentation expert delivers world class permanent SMP

Hugues Pastoret, Founder of Brussels clinic Hair Tattoo By Hugues, first introduced permanent scalp micropigmentation procedures to Belgium in January 2013. Although tricopigmentation options...
Scalp micropigmentation Brisbane

Brisbane scalp micropigmentation clinic creates hairlines that turn back time

This is a press release published on behalf of The Replique Clinic in Brisbane, Australia.The Replique Clinic is a Brisbane based company specialising in...
Norwood Scale

The Norwood Hamilton scale explained

Androgenic alopecia, most commonly referred to as male pattern baldness or pattern hair loss, follows a certain progression. Though it is not exactly the...

Simon Lane and Nicole Large bridge the gap between scalp micropigmentation and tricopigmentation

For a while I was very skeptical about tricopigmentation. Having been immersed in permanent scalp micropigmentation for so long, a temporary solution seemed a...

Are you looking for the Bodyshockers episode featuring scalp micropigmentation?

This show aired a long time ago now, but just recently we've had a glut of people making reference to the Bodyshockers scalp micropigmentation...
Scalp micropigmentation Westchester

Scalp micropigmentation service now available in Westchester County NY

Many hundreds of men and women in Westchester County are known to have had scalp micropigmentation in recent years. With the world's largest and...

Too young for scalp micropigmentation? Think again.

There is never a good time to start losing your hair. Going bald has a significant impact on your appearance and confidence, no matter...
Florida scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation clinics in Florida

The explosive growth of the scalp micropigmentation industry in Florida took everyone by surprise, myself included.A small handful of providers have been trading in...

So GQ finally admits scalp micropigmentation “doesn’t look half bad”

You may have seen on social media recently, a number of references to this article on In the article, the mens lifestyle and...

Richard Woods and the emotional impact of hair loss

Losing hair affects us all in different ways. For some, it's a case of just putting up with it and getting on with life....
scalp micropigmentation in London, UK

Scalp micropigmentation options in London

Second only to New York, the city of London is a global centre for scalp micropigmentation and offers more choice for prospective clients than...

How reliable is your scalp micropigmentation mock-up?

This article is published for Skalp Clinic.The practice of providing clients with 'mock-up' images, intended to show what they might look like with scalp...



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