A female scalp micropigmentation success story

Guys, think hair loss is challenging to deal with? Let me tell you, it's even harder for women who are losing their hair. Alopecia...

Repairing plug scars from historic hair transplants

One of the most useful applications for scalp micropigmentation is the concealment of hair transplant scars. Even challenging scars like those resulting from gruesome...

How to cure traction alopecia

Of all the various forms of alopecia, traction alopecia is different as it is basically self-inflicted. Usually caused by wearing tight hairstyles that pull...

British client conceals head scars with scalp micropigmentation

Dealing with hair loss can sometimes become a long and winding road towards an uncertain end. Traditional balding solutions do not always deliver the...

Good Look Ink vs alopecia areata

As far as hair loss goes, alopecia areata is a particularly challenging condition due to it's unpredictable, erratic and recurrent nature. Men and women...
alopecia areata

Gilbert from Texas uses scalp micropigmentation to beat alopecia areata

At first, Gilbert aged 22 thought nothing of a small bald spot that appeared above his right temple. As the spot grew larger however,...
hair transplant scar vbeam

Hair transplant scars, Vbeam lasers and scalp micropigmentation

Acquisition of a scar following hair transplant surgery, is an unfortunate inevitability. Contrary to what many may tell you, there is no such thing...
Scalp reduction scars before and after

Hiding scalp reduction scars with scalp micropigmentation

Of all the scars that a scalp micropigmentation technician may encounter, the most challenging of all has to be the scalp reduction scar. These...
causes of alopecia

5 causes of alopecia and how to fix them

Alopecia is actually a generic term, used to describe a number of hair loss conditions. There are many causes of alopecia, some related to...
Alopecia Totalis

Scalp micropigmentation ‘cures’ alopecia totalis

Hair loss is characterised by different kinds of conditions. Most men experience a condition called androgenic alopecia. It is a genetic kind of hair...
Fraxel and hair transplant scars

Concealing hair transplant scars with Fraxel Laser

Scars are an unavoidable by-product of hair transplantation. When hair is taken from the donor area, a scar will remain in place and many...


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