scalp micropigmentation technician in scottsdale arizona

Introducing Scottsdale scalp micropigmentation technician, Sherene Treat

For what is a relatively small city nestled on the outskirts of Phoenix, Scottsdale is home to a growing selection of scalp micropigmentation providers....
Taryn Quinterri scalp micropigmentation trainer

Meet Taryn Quinterri, one of the world’s leading scalp micropigmentation trainers

Taryn Quinterri is co-Founder of Cosmetic Aesthetics and hosts a comprehensive scalp micropigmentation training program with partner Steven Greitzer. Born in Tucson and raised in...

The story of Joe Taylor, the worlds most experienced scalp micropigmentation trainer

In 2010, a young apprentice by the name of Robert Joseph Anzalone applied for, and secured, employment at a Floridian outfit called Artistry Concepts....

Introducing Erik Roberto, one of the world’s finest scalp micropigmentation technicians

Erik Roberto has been at the forefront of the NYC barbering scene for almost a quarter of a century. After 24 years in the...
Saechelle Bisson and Evie Delaney

Introducing Nouveau Clinic, Atlanta scalp micropigmentation experts

Evie Delaney and Saechelle Bisson are a Mother and Daughter team, and the face of the Nouveau Clinic in Alpharetta, Georgia. Specializing in paramedical artistry,...
Orian Barzilay, Hairline Ink NYC

Lead Practitioner and world class artist Orian Barzilay of Hairline Ink in NYC

In order to truly understand the treatment and recovery processes involved in the practice of Scalp Micropigmentation, it helps to have gone through both....
Chris Lopez NYC

Master Artist Chris Lopez, Hairline Ink in NYC

“An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.” James McNeill Whistler The New Yorkers who book with Christopher Lopez of Hairline...

Eddie Lopez, from balding guy to world-renowned scalp micropigmentation technician

Eddie Lopez heads Scalp Artist International in Denver, Colorado. Much more than that, he has become an internationally recognized figure in the scalp micropigmentation...
Ollie Hughes

Introducing South London scalp micropigmentation expert Ollie Hughes

If you're based in London, are considering scalp micropigmentation and have done your research, the chances are you've come across Ollie Hughes' name already. Those...
Brian Santora

Brian Santora, scalp micropigmentation expert from Boston, MA

Brian Santora is an exceptionally talented scalp micropigmentation technician. His office is located in Wakefield, just a few miles north of Boston, Massachusetts. I first...

Introducing Paul Clark, the world’s most experienced scalp micropigmentation technician

The name Paul Clark is synonymous with the scalp micropigmentation industry. He was the world's first full time practitioner, and remains the most experienced...
Miami scalp micropigmentation technician

Introducing South Florida scalp micropigmentation technician, Seif Sidky

It was a pleasure meeting Seif Sidky at the recent Scalp Micropigmentation Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Rarely do I meet an individual with so much...
A day in the life of a Skalp practitioner

A day in the life of a Manchester scalp micropigmentation technician

This article was written by Marcin Dobiasz, a Skalp Clinic technician based in Manchester in the North West of England. I get a lot of...
Ranbir Rai-Watson

Introducing Ranbir Rai-Watson, creator of modern scalp micropigmentation techniques

If you've spent any serious time researching scalp micropigmentation, the chances are you've stumbled upon Ranbir's name at some stage. And for good reason....
Simon Lane and Paul Clark

Scalp Technicians Paul Clark and Simon Lane are back in the game

World famous scalp micropigmentation specialists launch exciting new venture at Brandwood Clinic in Solihull, Birmingham. Paul Clark and Simon Lane are two of the world’s...


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