Orian Barzilay, Hairline Ink NYC

In order to truly understand the treatment and recovery processes involved in the practice of Scalp Micropigmentation, it helps to have gone through both. Fortunately, when in the hands of one of Hairline Ink’s elite team of All-Star Practitioners, such as HLI New York Lead Practitioner Orian Barzilay, you get just that.

Orian began his battle with hair loss at the early age of 17. After experimenting with various solutions such as topicals, menoxicals, Finasteride, and multiple regrettable hair transplants, eventually, just before giving up hope, Orian stumbled across the life-changing treatment known as Scalp Micropigmentation.

It just changed my life, it meant everything to me. It was the only thing that worked. I knew immediately after my first session that I was meant to do this

Orian stated, citing his successful encounter with Scalp Micropigmentation as the direct catalyst that lead him to discover his life’s mission of sharing the feeling he felt on that day with the world.

Now, he’s been doing exactly that for just over five years, changing thousands of lives for the better along the way.

Orian Barzilay, Hairline Ink NYC
Orian works diligently on a client procedure at the Hairline Ink office in New York City.

But Orian wasn’t just born as the world-renowned Scalp Micropigmentation artist that he is today. He worked tirelessly, dedicating his free time to mastering his craft, eventually graduating at the top of his Scalp Micropigmentation training class. Not long after, he was employed by a New York Scalp Micropigmentation company, where he performed 1,500+ life-changing Scalp Micropigmentation procedures before eventually being recognized for his irrefutable prowess at his craft, which has only become even further refined since joining Hairline Ink, and having now performed over 2,500 total successful scalp micropigmentation procedures. With a track record that impressive, it’s no wonder Orian Barzilay is quickly becoming renowned within the Scalp Micropigmentation community as one of the best in the business.

Treatment complete
His treatment session complete, Orian’s client looks years younger with a restored natural looking hairline.

Orian’s reputation is a true sign of his dedication to his work, and it is this dedication that has Orian Barzilay booked out weeks in advance at Hairline Ink NYC. Put in his own words Orian says,

I eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff [scalp micropigmentation]. I mean, you have to love what you do when you’re seeing 3, 4, 5 people a day. I’m about to take my first 4 day vacation in the last year, and if I had to guess, I’ll probably still be answering my emails and checking in with clients every day.

Barzilay credits much of his success to his MO when treating each of his patients:

Every head I’ve ever worked on was just as important to me as my own treatment

With Orian Barzilay, it’s plain to see that these aren’t just empty words. His glowing video testimonials show his philosophy in action and prove that when you truly care about the lives of your clients, it shows in the work. With such an abundance of positive reviews, it’s no wonder why his patients, such as brain tumor-survivor Jonathan Greene, feel entirely secure in Orian’s incredibly capable hands.

Hairline Ink recently released a video documenting Greene’s journey into hair loss recovery at the hands of Orian Barzilay.

I’m not even going to look. I’m just going to let him do his thing. He’s an artist. I’m just going to let him go town!

Greene remarked excitedly. Greene had previously gone through chemotherapy treatment to get rid of a life threatening tumor and had lost all of his hair to the treatment.

Losing hair – it’s hard. I became insecure for the first time in my life

Greene reflected. Seeing the work done over at Hairline Ink by their All-Star Practitioners “brought a tear to [Greene’s] eyes,” as he finally felt that he had found a solution. Upon booking a consultation with Orian, Jonathan Greene was sure he had come to the right place. After just the first session, he said he already “felt like a new man,” further commenting that the treatment felt therapeutic and even began to lull him to sleep at times. Orian’s proven track record and eye for aesthetics are pretty hard to argue with, but each client brings their own experiences and desires to the table that set the tone for what type of hairline they ultimately decide upon. Orian consulted with Greene on where his new hairline should sit, and the two of them came to the perfect solution for Greene’s wants and needs, leaving him “very happy” with the results.

New York scalp micropigmentation technician
With more than 5 years experience, Orian Barzilay is widely regarded as one of the best technicians in the business.

Orian was born, raised, and still lives in the Brooklyn area, changing lives every day over at Hairline Ink’s New York scalp micropigmentation headquarters. With millions of people living in and commuting to the Big Apple every day, there is a massive community of people suffering from hair loss that now have a solution waiting for them in the form of Orian Barzilay and the talented team of All-Star Practitioners over at Hairline Ink.

After all of the changes going company to company, in terms of rewarding for me… [the most rewarding event of my career] is definitely becoming a part of Hairline Ink. This company has a good beat on things, they know what they’re doing, they know how to satisfy their clients. For me, that’s been the most successful part of my career.

How to contact Orian Barzilay

Hairline Ink: NEW YORK
225 West 35th St #201
New York
NY 10001

T. 585-250-0835
W. www.hairlineink.com
E. info@hairlineink.com

Damien has been heavily involved in scalp micropigmentation since 2009. He has working relationships with many leading scalp micropigmentation providers, and has a broader knowledge of the SMP industry than anyone else in the world.


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