Contraindications for scalp micropigmentation

Sometimes a micropigmentation treatment is not possible due to medical reasons, this can either be permanently or temporarily. We call these contraindications.It is vital...
Tricopigmentation shaved versus density effects

Tricopigmentation – Shaved Effect vs Density Effect

ABOVE: Images courtesy of Debbie Clifford / Pigmentalia UKIn this article we will explain how we carry out the two different kind of treatments.Tricopigmentation...

Simon Lane and Nicole Large bridge the gap between scalp micropigmentation and tricopigmentation

For a while I was very skeptical about tricopigmentation. Having been immersed in permanent scalp micropigmentation for so long, a temporary solution seemed a...
Tricopigmentation and FUE result

Tricopigmentation in combination with FUE transplants

Quite often there is simply not enough donor hair to achieve the required density the client is looking for. Tricopigmentation can be performed a...
Tricopigmentation by Milena Lardi

The tricopigmentation advantage

Tricopigmentation is an aesthetic technique that involves the injection of a specific pigment into the dermis in order to optically recreate the presence of...
Pigment production

Pigments for tricopigmentation

This piece was written by Mario Gisbert, Director of Pigmentalia, and co-authored by Jasper Scholtes, Director of Goldeneye UK.This summary is intended to highlight...
Tricopigmentation close up

Tricopigmentation pre-care and aftercare maintenance instructions

The tricopigmentation technique requires some special care before and after the treatment.Below you will find all the necessary information regarding pre and post treatment...

Tricopigmentation Cost Calculator

This post was updated on March 11th 2016 along with our main cost calculator for permanent scalp micropigmentation. The cost of a tricopigmentation procedure...