Scalp Microblading

The recent trend of ‘scalp microblading’ is extremely worrying for a number of reasons. Perhaps in hindsight, an inevitable consequence of hundreds of eyebrow microbladers being introduced to the scalp micropigmentation industry by certain trainers, many technicians are now citing scalp microblading as the next big thing.

Microblading has helped to create some of the most incredible permanent makeup art the tattoo world has ever seen. Intricately executed hyper-realistic eyebrows replicated to be barely perceptible from the real thing.

So of course, it stands to reason that practitioners would want to find other applications for microblading.

Many microbladers who specialize in eyebrows are turning their blades to the scalp. Under no circumstances should you choose hairline microblading. Here, we explain why the ‘dot’ method is the only method used by reputable scalp micropigmentation clinics, and why any artist promoting scalp microblading should be avoided.

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