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Why Choose A Scalp Guru Recommended Clinic?

Why Choose A Scalp Guru Recommended Clinic?

Why Choose A Scalp Guru Recommended Clinic?

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Diligent research is absolutely critical prior to committing to any cosmetic procedure, and scalp micropigmentation is no exception.

The industry is full of exceptionally passionate and talented technicians who are capable of delivering results that are virtually undetectable, even under close scrutiny. Others, sadly, see scalp micropigmentation as nothing more than a get-rich-quick scheme, and treat their business like a customer conveyor belt.

Your confidence is key. It affects every aspect of your persona, and has an immeasurable impact on the quality of your day to day life. A great result will significantly boost your confidence in more ways that you will probably realize until after your procedure. However, the look that you really want cannot be taken for granted. You must explore your options carefully, including most critically, the choice of technicians at your disposal in terms of your location, available time, ability to travel, and of course your budget.

How can Scalp Guru assist?

The Scalp Guru team consists of the most knowledgeable minds in the industry. We have played a pivotal role from the very beginning of the modern scalp micropigmentation industry. Entering the market in 2009, at a time when just two clinics existed worldwide, we have guided hundreds, perhaps thousands, of clients through the process from start to finish.

There is, quite simply, no-one else in the world with a comparable depth and breadth of knowledge, placing us in the best possible position to help you achieve the result you really want.

We are 100% independent. We are not tied to, contracted to, or owned by any provider. Of course we have preferences, but our bias is toward the best clinics that uphold the highest standards, not to those who are the most popular, have the best marketing or even to those who advertise with us. Our neutral position is entirely unique within the industry, and we maintain the highest level of impartiality and integrity at all times.

Find the best specialist SMP clinics in your area

Almost every reputable clinic in the world is featured on Scalp Guru. Use our Clinic Locator to find the most recommended technicians in your area.

Independent advice before and after your procedure

The treatment process is unique to every client, and so must be the advice they receive. Trust us to provide professional guidance.

Get help finding a clinic that best suits your needs

Use our global industry knowledge to identify the best technicians, obtain the lowest quotations, and take the stress out of the selection process.

Source the best training, machines and pigments

Nothing influences the success of your business quite like the quality of training you receive, or the machines and raw materials you use.

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