Scalp Micropigmentation Training Programs

Scalp Micropigmentation Training Programs

scalp micropigmentation training

There are many factors that determine the success of a new scalp micropigmentation business. Your location, client service, pricing structure and sales and marketing strategy all play a part, however nothing influences the fate of your company quite like your reputation. Reputation is determined by the quality of your results, so you need the best scalp micropigmentation training available.

Not all training providers are created equal. In fact, despite flashy websites and grand promises, the majority of training options simply do not equip you with the skills you need to be successful.

We recommend only the best training providers in the industry. Each has it’s place, depending on your specific requirements, your budget and your location.

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There are two distinct techniques in scalp micropigmentation:

  • Permanent scalp micropigmentation
  • Shorter duration tricopigmentation

Permanent procedures are topped up every 2-4 years, whilst tricopigmentation is re-applied every 9-15 months. The differences are explained comprehensively in this article. There are also hybrid solutions available. Most training providers specialize in permanent SMP, so click on the courses above to find out more. See Pigmentalia for tricopigmentation training, or choose Cosmetic Aesthetics for hybrid training.

We are often asked for advice about which procedure a prospective trainee should learn. The demand for permanent SMP greatly outstrips that for tricopigmentation, but there is also a lot more competition. Tricopigmentation has more credibility within medical circles and is safer, but permanent procedures allow more artistic creativity.

If you would like advice please contact us.

Every scalp technician falls broadly into one of two camps. They’re either medically minded and want to create a highly clinical and professional environment in their own business, or they are more artistic than clinical, and are more likely to thrive in a salon or medspa setting.

Of course every technician should have traits of both sides, but there is a definite focus for one or the other, and this also determines what kind of training experience they are most likely to enjoy and extract maximum value from.

For example, training providers like Brandwood Clinic, Finishing Touches, Scalp Micro USA and Pigmentalia are very focused on the medical angle. For super-structured, step by step training, these are great providers to choose.

Those who feel they would thrive in an artist-led setting, with less structure and a more fluid learning environment, consider training providers like world class artists Jonathan Gerow and Hugues Pastoret.

Some scalp micropigmentation training providers offer ongoing agreements that enable you to partner with them long term, should you wish to do so. Whether or not this is the right approach for your business is a very personal decision, and depends on your own goals and tolerance for working on your own. Partnerships can bring a huge amount of value to your business, primarily in marketing terms.

Pigmentalia offer ongoing support, and the ability to operate under their brand. HIS Hair Clinic has a franchise package available. Scalp Artist International provides a licensing agreement that enables multiple ongoing revenue streams for your business.