At Appear Natural SMP, we specialize in a procedure called scalp micropigmentation. Often referred to as SMP or hair tattooing, scalp micropigmentation is the world’s fastest growing hair loss solution, used by thousands of men and women worldwide to camouflage thinning hair, scars, alopecia and even total baldness.

With a wealth of Harley Street experience, Ollie Hughes has become renowned as one of the most experienced scalp micropigmentation practitioners currently operating in London. One of the innovators of the natural hairline, Ollie decided to name his company “Appear Natural” as a homage to his work ethic. The detail and realism in Ollie’s work demonstrates an undoubted passion for his craft. He has a number of high profile clients to his name and with results like Ollie’s, it’s easy to see why.

Having been through the scalp micropigmentation process himself, Ollie has a personal and compassionate understanding of his customer’s anxieties. Hair loss is often a difficult and stressful experience, so Ollie’s personable nature is a real asset in helping the client through the process. Ollie understands that scalp micropigmentation must be tailored to suit each separate client individually.


An integral part of the scalp micropigmentation story since 2009, Damien has a broader understanding of the global SMP industry than anyone else in the world. Advising clients and artists alike, Damien is a passionate ambassador for SMP and commentates on an ongoing basis as the industry develops.

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