At Elixir Pigmentation, we believe in order to provide our client’s with a great experience, it is essential for our team to be well informed and knowledgeable of our clients expectations.

Our senior practitioner, Jay Grewal has been in this industry for a number of years and Elixir Pigmentation was founded based on his personal experience of hair loss. Jay started noticing his hair thinning in his early twenties.

Jay has been trained by not only the world’s master technicians but the pioneers of scalp micropigmentation at a time when SMP was only known by a few. Jay is a well respected, reputable practitioner who is well known in the scalp micropigmentation industry. Many hair transplant doctors around the world recommend Jay at Elixir to both post hair transplant and non suited patients.

As one of the world’s fastest hair loss solution, SMP is now widely known by both hair loss medical institutions and individuals suffering from hair loss. Jay has truly mastered scalp micropigmentation internationally. He recently launched scalp micropigmentation in India as the first SMP practitioner and works in Chiswick (London -UK), Chandigarh (India) and Dubai (UAE) attracting clients from all over the world.

Jay understands the importance of hair loss and how this can affect others self-esteem, confidence and can be time consuming for those using colourant products. Jay delivers an exceptional standard in his procedures, followed by a personal after care service, making Jay one of the more popular SMP practitioners.


An integral part of the scalp micropigmentation story since 2009, Damien has a broader understanding of the global SMP industry than anyone else in the world. Advising clients and artists alike, Damien is a passionate ambassador for SMP and commentates on an ongoing basis as the industry develops.

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