Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Manchester

There are two scalp micropigmentation clinics in Manchester that get our recommendation – Brandwood Clinic, and Forever Studios.

The Brandwood Manchester clinic is headed by Danny Winn, one of the most experienced practitioners in the UK. The company has locations in Bristol and Solihull, alongside their location in Manchester City Centre, and are recognised internationally for their results and innovations.

We also recommend Forever Studios in Whitefield. This friendly yet highly professional provider offers great value SMP procedures, while maintaining the highest quality outcomes for clients. Forever Studios is also the only SMP specialist in the area to offer both permanent treatments and shorter duration tricopigmentation options.

We always recommend conducting thorough research before committing to any procedure. It is not enough to ask simply which clinic is the best, but which practitioner is the best fit for your individual needs. Ask to see a verifiable portfolio of recent work, and ensure the case studies you request are of clients with similar circumstances as your own. Of course, clarify what guarantee is included and exactly what is covered under the guarantee.