Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Austin

When scalp micropigmentation clinics first started opening in Texas, early growth was seen predominantly in the nearby city of Houston. As the demand for quality SMP procedures grew, new and established artists opened clinics in San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth and of course, in Austin. The great news for prospective clients is that one of the best artists in the United States, Ian Dennis, operates Scalpp Clinic in Austin on Greenbriar Drive to the South West of the city.

Texas has always been a hub for great scalp micropigmentation clinics, however clients are starting to realize the benefits of choosing an artist close to home. With the procedure itself taking place over three or more sessions, and the requirement for occasional assessments and top-ups, it really does pay to have your procedure at a clinic not too far from where you are based.

Although we are always open to suggestions for further clinics to add to our recommended list, be aware that not all Austin clinics are created equal. Scalp micropigmentation requires artistic talent to execute effectively, and some practitioners are better than others. For this reason, diligent research is advised before committing to a procedure.