Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Phoenix

Easily the largest city in Arizona, Phoenix is a city where a large proportion of its residents are prepared to spend money to look and feel their best. The scalp micropigmentation industry in Phoenix is thriving, as are related sectors, namely aesthetics, hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery.

Regulations in Arizona are not as rigorous as in other US states, and this has given rise to many rogue clinics with poorly trained practitioners and lackluster hygiene regimes. All of this means the risk of getting a bad treatment, or experiencing cross-contamination, is higher than in other states like California where the regulations are much tougher.

Our recommendation is driven in part by these considerations, therefore from the point of view of both quality of work and also safety, we suggest all men and women interested in scalp micropigmentation in Phoenix should contact Taryn Quinterri at Cosmetic Aesthetics on N 7th Street.

Taryn is a highly experienced SMP artist with a fiercely strong moral code and a deep knowledge of the scalp micropigmentation process. Whereas most SMP clinics use carbon black pigments only, Taryn is fully competent in the use of colored pigments as and when the clients requirements call for it.