Scalp Guru Contributors

Damien Porter

Founder –
W: | E:, together with its associated Facebook Group and Page, it’s Instagram account and other social media channels, is owned, managed and authored by Damien Porter, an entrepreneur and business consultant based in the North of England.

Damien has been heavily involved in scalp micropigmentation since 2008, and offers a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience. He has working relationships with a number of leading and boutique scalp micropigmentation companies, and has a broader knowledge of the SMP industry than anyone else in the world.

Damien handled marketing for HIS Hair Clinic, innovators of scalp micropigmentation, at a time when no-one had ever heard of SMP. Damien held this position for 6 years, and played a pivotal role in growing the business from a single location to nearly 20 clinics worldwide. He also worked at a senior consultancy level with Vinci Hair Clinic, another major industry contender, and later joined Scalp Aesthetics, helping to restructure their business model and grow the company into the world’s largest scalp micropigmentation treatment and training provider.

As his career developed, Damien managed the marketing strategies for a range of boutique SMP clinics, primarily in Europe and the United States. Each scenario presented unique challenges, and his knowledge and deep understanding of the industry and the people in it, continued to develop at every step.

More recently, he has immersed himself in the tricopigmentation industry to further broaden his knowledge and perspective. Contrary to those who seek to promote one over the other, Damien believes the two sectors are complimentary to one another, and providers on both sides of the fence can (and should) collaborate and grow together. is entirely independent. Damien has multiple relationships and business interests in the scalp micropigmentation industry, however the position of remains one of neutrality. Damien is passionate about developing a platform where people can get trustworthy, unbiased advice without commercial interests getting in the way.

This driving motivation has enabled Scalp Guru to become the world’s largest and most popular scalp micropigmentation community. The website itself attracts more than 2000 visitors daily, and the platform is used for advertising by more than 40 clinics, including virtually every major provider and a wide range of boutique independent clinics.

Jasper Scholtes

Director – Goldeneye Micropigmentation and Pigmentalia UK
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jasper scholtesJasper is one of three directors of Goldeneye Micropigmentation and responsible for anything related to online and offline marketing, SEO, social media, general business management, advertising, public relations and company strategy.

Pigmentalia UK, a division of Goldeneye Micropigmentation, is championing the growth of tricopigmentation in the English speaking world. Jasper Scholtes, with partners Debbie Clifford and Tina Walsh, train new tricopigmentation specialists in the United Kingdom and United States in collaboration with innovator Milena Lardi of Italian firm Beauty Medical.

Jasper holds a Bachelor in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management and has studied Information Technology in Amsterdam. He has worked for an international export company in The Netherlands for over 10 years as Manager IT & Logistics. Jasper was also part owner of a wholesale supplier of private label drinks with offices in The Netherlands and The United Kingdom. In 2013 he sold his share in the company to focus solely on Goldeneye Micropigmentation and the expansion of the Pigmentalia brand.

Simon Lane

Director & Practitioner – Brandwood Clinic
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simon laneSimon’s story is one of overcoming childhood tragedy and personal adversity, experiencing the redemptive power of scalp micropigmentation before going on to help others in his situation.

As a two year old Simon suffered horrific third degree burns to his head following an accident in the kitchen of his home. It is hard to put into words the personal sacrifice and journey through life that followed for Simon, until he became a client of Paul Clark and underwent SMP treatment.

Simon is now a world-leading practitioner in SMP and has been jointly responsible for producing many of the major advancements in design and techniques used in SMP today

Together Paul and Simon have forged a partnership that continues to receive world-wide recognition within the industry, and their achievements are well documented. For example Simon performed the world’s first live-stream treatment to demonstrate and improve best practice. With colleague Paul Clark, he developed the ‘jagged’ and ‘feathered’ hairline styles, advanced techniques reserved for the world’s most talented practitioners, as well as new techniques for the most severe scar camouflage cases. Simon also helped to develop a new correctional technique to help clients who have received sub-standard treatments.

Simon has successfully treated clients from around the world including actors, models, boxers, musicians, cricketers, footballers and many from fields as diverse as MMA, speedway, rugby, bodybuilding and baseball.

Matthew Iulo

Managing Director – Scalp Micro USA
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matthew iuloMatthew Iulo was among the first specialists to deliver scalp micropigmentation treatments in the United States. Recognized internationally for his premier results, Matt has treated over 3,000 clients suffering from hair loss and scarring.

Matthew began his journey after first receiving the treatment overseas. As a client of the treatment himself, Matt understands the struggles of hair loss and why a non-invasive, natural solution is so important to men and women of all ages. Seeing the amazing scalp micropigmentation transformation first hand, he immediately began training with some of the early innovators and pioneers in the field. After training, Matthew Iulo helped open the first Scalp Micropigmentation studio in New York City. He went on to become a leading consultant and treatment specialist, meeting clients from around the world.

Matthew has a vast understanding of natural hairlines, color matching, and scar concealment, and is recognized for creating customized looks for patients with all types of hair loss. He is a leading educator in the industry, and routinely holds workshops and classes in the United States and Europe for practicing professionals.